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The skin, being the largest organ of the body has a large surface area.

The cells of the skin are produced in the outermost layer of the skin called the epidermis. These cells are rounded in shape and supple.

After being produced, the skin cells naturally move towards the surface of the skin. As they reach the top of the skin they lose their suppleness and rounded shape and become flat and then die. They are then called dead skin cells.  They make the skin look dull and hard. So they have to be removed from on top of the skin.

Normally, a healthy skin has the capability of shedding off these dead cells naturally; so that the fresh new healthy skin cells below them can be seen.

But, due to various conditions like sickness, ageing, poor skin health, life style conditions like lack of sleep, smoking, poor eating habits etc; these dead cells do not shed off at a proper rate and leave the skin looking dull, dark, and unhealthy.

This is where fruit peels come in.

They reverse the dull look and give the skin a radiant freshness, regardless of the reason that is making the skin look lifeless and dull. That happens because they help in restoring the normal functioning of the skin, when they remove the dead skin cells. It happens also, because they nourish the skin too.

They clean the skin gently, leaving behind a visibly smoother, younger looking skin.

Once the dead skin is off, the skin is ready to take in the nourishment available in the products that are used after the cleansing of skin. Otherwise, the moisturiser used after cleaning the skin, would just ‘sit on’ the dead skin cells and make it look dull and unhealthy.

Fruit peels have a powerful, holistic effect upon the skin.

Osadhi Skin Products mixes its fruit peels with other natural ingredients, for a more powerful, holistic effect upon the skin.

The 100% natural products available in this category are:

  1. Face Cleansing Powder, for daily cleansing.
  2. Body Cleansing Powder, for a daily body wash.
  3. De-Tan Papaya and Rice Body Pack. Used once in fifteen days.
  4. Fruit Enzyme Face Pack. Used once in a fortnight.

Parbeen Puri
Cosmetologist at Osadhi Skin Products