Lighten blemishes to brighten your skin

Skin Lightning & Brightning

Osadhi's Prescription for Your Skin


Do the procedure given below, once in a week only:

Clean/hydrate skin: with De-Tan Papaya and Rice Pack, avoiding under eye area.

Massage: with Orange whitening Gel gently, in upward movements. Wipe off with damp cotton wool.

Under eyes: Apply Aloe Rose Moisturising Gel.

Tone skin: with Rose Water ‘Skin Toner’.

Moisturise/hydrate skin: with Mint and Basil Moisturiser if skin is oily and with Tulsi Nourishing Cream if skin is normal/dry.

Lips: apply a little lip balm if lips feel dry.

Sun Protection: Apply Sun Screen. Protect/shade your skin if outdoors.