Body Cleansing Powder


Age defying herbal synergy. Maintains the skin’s youthful looking qualities. Daily use, natural, soap- free wash.

An age defying herbal formula It's a daily use, natural, soap- free wash Keeps the skin looking healthy and youthful. This combination of herbs, cereals nuts and pulses is alive, nutritive and soothing. It acts as a gentle scrub to clear away ingrained impurities, dead cells and toxins from the pores leaving the skin feeling silky to touch. Its gentle action will not damage the protective mantle of the skin like soaps and synthetic washes. Use instead of soap on a daily basis. Can be used either before a body massage to enhance penetration of moisturisers; or after oil massage to remove excess oil without drying-out the skin.

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Used for all skin textures.

Oatmeal, green gram, Almond meal, Fennel, Neem, Rose Petal, Turmeric and Camphor oil.

Mix a tablespoon of the cleanser with sufficient water or milk, if skin is dry to make a creamy paste. Apply on slightly damp skin. Allow to soak in for a minute till dry. Dampen slightly with moist hands and rub off. Rinse off.


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